Friday, June 1, 2012

Presentation of #da12data in the #OpenData Week of Nantes (France). #ODWNantes

Last Friday I was on Nantes, I presented the #da12data initiative in the OpenData Week of Nantes (France).

This was my presentation and my speech.

If you have any question, please comment it here.


The presentation

The speech

1.- Introduction.
Hello, my name is Marc Garriga.

I’m an OpenData activist from Barcelona, Spain.

First, I want to thank the organization for giving me the opportunity to explain the initiative behind this hashtag: #da12data.

Second: my apologies: I don’t speak French.

2.- Digital Agenda for Europe
Does everybody know what the Digital Agenda for Europe is?

It is the EU strategy to get the citizens to benefit from all the advantages and potential provided by the Digital Society.

In early 2010, Europe needed a new action plan to make the best use of information and communication technology (ICT) to accelerate economic recovery and to lay the foundations for a sustainable digital future.

This action plan was named "Digital Agenda for Europe" and it's one of the most ambitious action plans in the history of the European Union.

3.- Digital Agenda Assemblies
As is logical and necessary, this strategy must be frequently reviewed, as everything related to the digital world constantly changes.

For this reason, this strategy and action plans must be continuously improved. The assemblies are one of these improvement actions.

In these assemblies there are debates (in person) on these improvements. In fact, in a few weeks one of these assemblies is going to take place, it will be next june 21st and 22nd in Brussels.

4.- On-line discussion
Prior to assembly the debate is carried out online, specifically on this platform:

As you can see, the idea is first to discuss on-line, then to discuss in person (at the assembly) and finally to draft a new version of the Digital Agenda, in this case later this year.

5.- Discussion Groups
This is an ideal opportunity to contribute with our ideas, suggestions, criticisms about any digital topic.

Specifically, the platform for input contributions  is structured in 10 main areas:

  1. Converged media platforms.
  2. High-speed connections.
  3. E-commerce.
  4. Social Media.
  5. Data.
  6. Cloud.
  7. Security.
  8. Innovation and entrepreneurship.
  9. Jobs and skills.
  10. Other issues.

6.- Data Group
I am in charge of the data group animation. (Note: I'm not a member of European Comission, I'm a frelance that is in charge of the animation of this group).

This task attracts me because, as I often remark, we are living in the Data Society, (this statement is not mine, I first heard it from a Spanish attorney: Jorge Campanillas).

We aren't in the Industrial Society nor in the Information Society, we are living in the Data Society.

7.- Data is becoming increasingly important in our lives.
There are many reasons that explain why data is becoming increasingly important in our lives.

First: a large number of devices – scientific instruments but also mobile phones or Smart City sensors -  generate much more data than humans could by themselves.

Second: advances in digital storage technologies mean that now it is cost effective to store large quantities of data for further analysis.

Third: The Data Mining and Big Data cases.

Size is not the only thing that has changed. In the last few years we have discovered that certain types of data  -particularly non-private data collected by public administrations- are worth more when shared than when locked up.

This is Open Data, I think you know it :) 

[I suggest you to read this post of Khalil Rouhana:]
8.- Data is the new oil
The Digital Agenda Commissioner - Neelie Kroes - has commented on numerous occasions the importance of data today, they are the new oil!.

Also Francis Maude, a British minister, said that "data are the raw material of the 21st century".

All this makes clear the importance of data nowadays.

9.- We need your contributions

All of you are Open Data experts, even data experts (not only in OpenData).

Now you can influence the next Digital Agenda.

This is great!, this is huge!

You CAN say what you think about data management, we can inlfluence the next European data policies.

10.- Topics
For instance, you can contribute in these areas:
  1. Obviously, any topic related to the opening of data (OpenData).
  2. Any aspect of managing large amounts of data (BigData), (including data from SmartCity policies).
  3. Business-related aspects arising from the management of data from social networks users.
  4. Actions to promote the Data Journalism.
  5. Actions to promote data visualization.
  6. Data related to the management (and translation) between the European languages.
  7. Aspects related to the technical formats used to represent data.
  8. Data-related standards.
  9. Interoperability of data.
  10. And in general, any aspect related to data management.

11.- WorkShop
This is a Workshop, so, now we can discuss these topics.

I want to hear your ideas, your questions, your contributions.

12.- Some examples:
In the platform there are a lot of contributions.

Here there are only six of them related to:
    • Multilingual Data management.
    • Data formats.
    • BigData research in academic places.
    • OpenData issues, like the initiative to have a single OpenData license for all European Comission.
    • BigData characteristics: Velocity, Variety, Volume, etc.
    • BigData examples, in this case in the eHealth area.
    • And so on...

13.- Come on!

Please, say your opinions, your ideas, your criticism about the european data policies.

At the end of this session we will make a summary.


Please, if you want to tweet something about this initiative - data area - use the #da12data hashtag.

The #da12 is the generic hashtag for the renewal process of European Digital Agenda.

14.- Quote
"There can be no liberty for a community which lacks the means to detect lies".

This is a quote of Walter Lippman, an american journalist.

I like it!

Please, don't loose the ability to detect lies... it's my suggestion :)

15.- Merci! (thank you in French)

That’s all, I hope you have understood the importance of contributing in the European Digital Agenda platform, you’re welcome!


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